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Helen Givani
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UA* Givani Cattery
Siamese Oriental Seychellois Cats
Owner: Mrs. Helen Givani
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Givani Cattery is Siamese, Oriental and Seychellois cats. Our cattery is professionally engaged in the breeding of oriental cats. You can get to know them in this chapter "About the Breed".

We value own reputation and can help you to choose a cat for show, breeding or just for home. We provide a full professional advice on caring for a kitten from Givani Cattery. You can see our kittens here or online here. Our kittens will go to new family with all vaccines.
Sincerely, Helen Givani
Felinologist Breeder

Oriental and siamese kittens are available
Chocolate and blue oriental and siamese kittens are available for reservation
17 September 2013
Uslada's International Cat Show
LV*Alario Daikichi - 1st place in BEST of BEST in first day and 3rd place in BEST of BEST in second day.
18 May 2013
UA* Made in Ukraine Tequila Sunrise
Oriental kitten Tequila Sunrise imported from "UA* Made in Ukraine cattery" to the Givani Cattery.
20 October 2012
Odessa International Cat Show "Sea Cats"
LV*Alario Daikichi - 3rd place in BEST of BEST in first day and 2nd place in BEST of BEST in second day.
05 July 2012
Grace Jones de la Valluna
Black queen from Chatterie de la Valluna (Principauté de Monaco) now living in the Givani Cattery.
27 March 2012
FIFe Cat show
LV*Alario Daikichi
BIS Kitten, BIS 4 category, 3rd place - BEST of BEST
13 November 2011

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Helen Givani
+380. +380.71.473.91.43