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Siamese Cat
Siamese Cat       Oriental Cat          
Siamese cat charms people around the world. This cat was delivered from Thailand (was known as Siam) in the eighteenth century.

Their smooth lines, highlighted by color contrast, precisely carved aristocratic head, deep blue almond-shaped eyes and short silky coat makes these cats work of art. Let's combine this beauty with amazing mind, inquisitive personality and loving nature - and you get the essence of Siamese cats. They began appearing in English cat shows almost immediately.

Color Point of the best known color (the cat of any breed with this color of coat mistakenly referred to as Siamese). It is simply a color named Color-Point, and with the colors there are many breeds (Scottish, Thai and other cats). So, do not argue that seeing such coat you can see exactly Siamese cat.

Seal Point was among the first brought the animals. While the chocolate ears, with creamy white bodies and feet the color of milk chocolate to appear from time to time. Blue Point has blue-white body with blue schist mark. The Laylak Point (pink-gray points on a white body).

While the color - a bright feature of this breed, structure is also important. Siamese cat is very appreciated by the length of the body. A cat of this breed has wedge shaped head. Muscular strong body, which is supported by long legs, decorated with a long neck and tail. Short hair is perfectly underlines the slim lines of the body.

Elongated head expressed in smooth and precise profile of the chin. Front chin and ears forms a pronounced wedge. The peculiarity of this animal are deep blue almond-shaped eyes, which literally radiate intelligence and emotion. His mind can not leave anyone indifferent.

This ancient breed, perhaps the oldest of all our cats, is able to communicate like no other. Siamese cats have legendary voice. They communicate by voice and behavior. Siamese cat is the fifth element in your life. He likes to be on your hands, be in your bed, sit on your desk and be in your heart!


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Helen Givani
+380. +380.71.473.91.43