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Oriental Cat
Siamese Cat       Oriental Cat          
Oriental cat - colorful personality. It is closely related to man and desperately wants to share own live with you.

In the moments when you are heavily busy, Oriental cat, always find a way to interrupt your work:

 •  To attract your attention when you eat
 •  Carefully examine your toothbrush
 •  Or help to "tie" laces of your shoes before you leave home
 •  She actively helps you to finding food in your refrigerator!
 •  During the rest, she will share its warmth, lying down on your knees, and the issue with the typical purr-r-r-r
 •  She will rub your chin when you really need in thi
 •  Oriental cat will eagerly greet you at the door and tell you everything that happened in your absence.  •  If you came too late, she will scold you and tell you how she worried.

Want to hide her toys on a high bookcase? Wrong! The combination of intellect and curiosity enables her to find all that she desires. There were cases when the cat opened the drawer, thus revealing your favorite toys. This may be a pen, a rope or just crushed a piece of paper. She plays with them by tossing up it and move it on the floor.

Give her your attention and affection in which she so desperately needs, and Oriental cat will do everything to please you. If you ignore it, the cat is depressed. This elegant, slim cat is playful, even when it becomes an adult.

From the tip of the nose to the end of his long, flexible tail, Oriental cat, a standard of beauty. This elegant cat gracefully glides around the room on its high, slender legs. Triangular face decorate large ears and almond-shaped green eyes. From the side this cat might seems like a very fragile creation, but she is not fragile. Nature has given them a powerful muscles, which will not allow to get injuries.

Oriental cat represent a diverse group of cats that have their origin in the Siamese breed. From more than 300 different colors and textures you're guaranteed to find the Oriental cat, which will be the subject of your dreams.


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Helen Givani
+380. +380.71.473.91.43